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Fast and cost-effective collection of measurement data is a factor that needs to be considered. For this purpose, F.A.S.T. designed a network solution that achieves maximum mobility and flexibility in measuring data collection. The new receiver system consists of a network master and up to 49 repeater boxes. The program Waternet is used to configurate the network, which sents out measurement data, autonomously collected from radio loggers, via the mobile network to a server.

The Waternet program can be used on any standard Android tablet, as long as it has a Bluetooth interface. The data exchange between the Waternet program and the ServiceMaster takes placevia Bluetooth connection and between the ServiceMaster and the network devices via radio link in 433Mhz band.

A satellite-based positioning of the network devices also facilitates the retrieval of these in confusing areas. The measurement data is collected during the night and sent out from the field to the WaterCloud. Thus, necessary action can be initiated immediately. The new Waternet program in combination with our WaterCloud is a system that combines the advantages of a central multi-user system with those of a mobile data acquisition system. The stored measurement data is available 24 hours a day, 7 days, from any internet-computer worldwide.

Requirement for Tablet

For installing the Waternet program through Google Play Store, your Tablet needs to have some specific Software- and Hardware requirement. The Software needs to be an Android Version 4.4 to Version 7.1.2 The Hardware needs to have the following components, so that you can install the program on the Tablet at all:

  • Bluetooth receiver
  • WiFi or 3G / 4G network
  • Camera
  • GPS receiver
  • Internal memory

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Data Protection Declaration for our mobile Applications

By clicking the link you will find the current version of the Waternet software in the Google Play store.