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Pipeline networks designed to supply vital goods such as drinking-water require special and very thorough monitoring. The pressure values gathered reveal important information about the fire safety and about the supply reliability of such a supply network. Guaranteeing supply reliability even during peak times requires prior measurements to be carried out with pressure loggers.

Pressure loggers are mounted at several spots at the pipeline section. Simulating consumption leads to a situation of different pressure levels, and the pressure pattern on the particular pipeline section reveals information about the condition of the pipe. Graphical editing and comparability of the measurement-related data is reasonable to provide the user with an overview of the pressure situation found at the single pressure logger locations.

F.A.S.T GmbH has developed the DRULO software to support the user by evaluating the measurement-related data acquired by the receiver. Due to the software, pressure loggers can also be programmed for certain measurement purposes. For the user’s convenience, the acquired measurement-related data can be displayed as a curve, if requested. In addition, the software features a function that enables the user to eclipse different measurement curves and to export entire measurements into Excel for further processing

Requirement for Tablet

For installing the Drulo program through Google Play Store, your Tablet or Smartphone needs to have some specific Software- and Hardware requirement. The Software needs to be an Android Version 4.4 to Version 7.1.2 The Hardware needs to have the following components, so that you can install the program on the Tablet at all:

  • Bluetooth receiver
  • WiFi or 3G / 4G network
  • Camera
  • GPS receiver
  • Internal memory

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By clicking the link you will find the current version of the Drulo software in the Google Play store.

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