PipeMic XL

Pipe searching / Leak Locating - with up to 300 m
  • locating leakages with utmost precision
  • locating pipes including end point
  • no interference of ambient noise
  • data transfer via Bluetooth
Range of use

If leakages on water mains are not detectable with conventional methods, the PipeMic XL will be able to locate them with utmost precision

The acoustical sensor head can get pushed up to 300m into the pipeline through a 9mm glas fibre cable, completely independent of any ambient noises. This can be applied in line with the flow as well as against the flow. The pressure resistant water lock is easily connected to the pipeline through a GK-coupler - preferred by a 45° hot tap or other fixtures that will allow a insertion in a flat angle.

The acoustic signals are transferred to the headphone and to the geophone respectively via bluetooth. The noise level received is then acoustically and optically displayed on any Aqua M series (M70-300) geophone.

When the leak was found, the sensor head will get left on that position and can now be traced by connecting any utility tracer to the PipeMic jacks. This method allows precision that has never been seen so far.

Technical Specifications

Design/construction: galvanized steel tube
dimensions for 750 mm basket: 780 x 380 x 830 mm
dimensions for 1000 mm basket: 1000 x 390 x 1080 mm
diameter: glas fibre 9 mm
sensor head 20 mm
length: 750 mm basket - max. 150 m
1000 mm basket - max. 300 m
pipe lock: 16 bar
connection: GK coupler
transmission: Bluetooth 2.0
battery operation: 9 V Block
operation time: > 12 h
temperature range: 0°C to 50°C
protection class: IP 66 / IP 68
locating depth: up to 3,5 m

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