Pipe Searching/Leak Locating
  • locating leakages with utmost precision
  • locating pipes including endpoint
  • no interference of ambient noise
  • data transfer via Bluetooth
Range of Use

Home connections are usually made of plastic water pipes. The plastic water pipes reveal the leakage borne noise inadequately. This constitutes a problem for customary correlation procedures. In addition, the exact run of a pipe is often known only vaguely, which frequently leads to misdiggings.

With the acoustic pig developed by F.A.S.T., cracks on home connections/pipes can be located easily due to a special lock which allows the probe to be pushed into the pipe with high pressure (up to 16 bar). As the length and the exact position of the inserted glass fibre can be determined, the leakage spot can be determined with utmost precision.

The acoustic signals are transferred to the headphones and to the geophone respectively via bluetooth. The noise level received is then accoustically and optically displayed on any Aqua-M series (70-300) geophone.

  • both pipe location and leakage detecting process
  • locating leakages with utmost precision
  • no interference of ambient noise
  • indication of applied rod length
  • quick measurement results
  • easy to operate
  • data transfer to geophone/headphones via Bluetooth
  • integrated disinfectant tank
Extent of Supply standard
  • aluminium reel with frame
  • glass fibre
  • flexible sensorhead
  • pressure tight lock with integrated disinfectant tank
  • mechanical length counter
  • Bluetooth transmitter
  • Bluetooth headphones
  • instruction manual
Extent of Supply extended
  • accessory case with:
    • disinfectant, aerosol- and refill bottle
    • protective gloves
    • GEKA couplings, 1" IT and 1" AT
    • spare battery
    • charging adapter
    • USB charging cable
    • hose piece
  • Bluetooth dongle
  • Bluetooth speaker

Technical Specifications

design: aluminium die casting / glass fibre
dimensions: 570 x 400 x 160 mm
diameter: glass fibre: 4.5 mm
measuring head: 12 mm
weight: 7 kg
pipe lock: 16 bar
temperature range: 0°C up to 50°C
safety class: IP 66 / IP 68
locating depth: up to 3.5 m

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