Case Study "Ville de Luxembourg"

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F.A.S.T GmbH getting Started on the South American continent

The World's Largest water utility works together with F.A.S.T GmbH

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Giza Drinking Water Company, Ägypten

"Giza Drinking Water Company" Client references

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VR-Innovation Price

The Special Award of the Cooperative Financial Association has been awarded to the F.A.S.T. GmbH, Hans-Peter Karle (qualified engineer) and Rainer Riehle (qualified engineer), Langenbrettach, Germany, today to recognise the development of the AZ radio data transmission system used to located leakages on drinking-water supply network systems.

Fast Detection of Leakage location

Acoustic data logger systems have been in use for 10 years in the water supply business. These devices are to pre-locate leaks, and with the new AZ100 Radio Data Logger made by the F.A.S.T. GmbH, leakages on supply pipelines can be detected in an even more economical and more time-saving way.